About Mirit

MiritHello! I’m Mirit and I am glad that you are visiting my site.

I started my adult life on the wrong foot by marrying a really bad dude. One day, however, I had the courage to run away with our two daughters and I never looked back. I’ve been raising Makana and Kiki as a single mom most of their lives and we have a wonderful life together.

I have accomplished many things. I’ve interviewed scores of celebrities and have written countless poems and content for numerous products and services. I am a Public Relations professional and have helped many CEOs and celebs plan and execute their PR campaigns.

What I am most proud of, however, is the endless hours that I have put into volunteer and humanitarian programs over the last 20-plus years. I have assisted the homeless, led many recovery efforts for inmates in jails, and I am one of the top disaster response experts in the U.S. as well as championing human rights and drug education causes.


Mirit-Arctic BlissI didn’t pick up a single paint brush until I was 42 and I haven’t been able to stop painting from the day I started. For some reason, I can paint with no formal training. It has literally taken over my life. I paint every chance that I get and sometimes wake up in the middle of the night or at 5 a.m. simply because I have to paint.

I decided to start what I refer to as an ART movement because I have a very distinct purpose. I know that ART is very valued for many reasons but I’ll name two specific ones.

First of all, knowledgeable people have purchased ART as a means of retaining the value of their money. Valuable ART is worth more over the years than any bank account and many investments will ever pay you. And, if it’s the real deal, it will only continue to appreciate.

The second reason is that ART is the highest form of communication. If you look at postings, movies, music, and the rest, they let us escape from our problems or worries and allow us to imagine a different reality, to be taken away to that different reality. In a world that is mired with suffering, injustice, crime, drugs and many other problems, an aesthetic distraction from those things – and a little inspiration – is worth its weight in gold.

Baby_Water_Breaks-by-Mirit_framedThus, I decided to create beautifully colorful art, which impinges on your imagination and will become a multi-sensory, high-quality investment.

How did I do that? I made beautiful paintings, which celebrities began to purchase and I partnered with one of my favorite artists, master craftsman Peter Erdei of Erdei Wood Designs. Peter has been quite successful, catering to celebs, architects and designers. He has been showcased in design magazines and I knew that he worked with some of the most expensive wood and elegant epoxy and glass designs in the world.

Many artists came and left this world never knowing the true value of their ART on society as it wasn’t fully appreciated while they were alive. I chose to start a movement of making ART valuable while I’m still here to tell stories and imbue my essence into each and every piece that I sell.

As not everyone can afford high-quality original artwork, I also offer quality prints and other items of each original at a much lower cost.

This is a just small part of my story.

I look forward to having you become a part of my ART loving community.