My Hummer and More Memories

Mirit - Mammoth - HummerThis was my first FB picture that I posted around 2008 when I first joined FaceBook. Those were the good-old days of Pre Zuckerberg censorship.

I used to 💙 my white stick-shift Hummer so much. I had DVD players for the kids in the back and it was such a fun, rugged car. I would drive it back and forth between Vegas (which was home at the time) and LA a whole lot.

When I finally got separated/divorced from my crazy ex-husband around 2008 and moved back to LA, this car became really hard to keep. I was going back and forth between downtown LA and Orange County and in LA traffic, a 1 hour drive could turn into 3. My ankle used to kill me from hours of 1st gear, second gear, 1st gear, second gear - driving just a few miles an hour and non-stop braking on the 101 and 405 Freeway.

I was an awesome driver though. I used to be able to park up or down a hill (in Hollywood) with a parked car in back of me and a car in front of me - practically touching my car and I could still get out without rolling or damaging their cars.

Anyone who's parked a manual transmission car in rough situations, knows how hard that can be.

Mirit - Mammoth - June LakeAnyway, back to this picture.

It was of my car and I'm in Mammoth, CA. I had a wonderful boyfriend then. His name was David and it was surreal to me to be in a relationship with a real nice guy after being married to a psychotic cocaine addict. My daughters were very little at the time. I think that Kiki was 2 and Makana was 6.

David was originally from Colorado and an avid skier and fly-fisherman. So, he wanted to surprise me for Valentine's Day and teach me how to ski in Mammoth. I barely learned how to roll down the bunny slopes but we had so much fun driving all around the snowy mountains in my stick-shift Hummer, while listening to country and electronic dance music. 😁