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Mirit Art

STAR NURSERY - art by Mirit

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Custom-framed 3D acrylic on canvas
Galaxies contain huge clouds of dust and gas. Sometimes those clouds of gas become so large that their own gravity makes them crash in on themselves. Somewhere inside the center of those clouds, through the process of fusion, stars are born. Their temperature rises to ten million degrees Celsius, and their life sparks.
Like humans, stars are also born at a certain time and place, and their birthplaces are what astronomers call nebulae or star nurseries. The name nebulae came from Latin, and it translates to English as "cloud." The nebulae do resemble a cloud, because of how they appear to us at night. Have you ever heard of Orion? It is the most famous of all the nebulae, and you can see it even without the need for a telescope. It is a big stellar nursery with around seven hundred stars being born inside of it.

16.5" x 20.5" framed