Proud Mom at the Gun Range

Pistol dismantle - MiritProud mom moment. Kiki (13) went with me to the shooting range today (for the first time) and the guys there were awesome. They educated us on safety and guns for 2 hours (at no charge). They told me that they had never seen anyone (including older men) learn to dismantle a gun faster and put it back together as fast as Kiki.

She did it in 15 minutes for the first time. I wasn't surprised because she's so sharp.

People have criticized me for having had natural child births at home with Makana (18) and Kiki (13).

I got criticized for never having vaccinated them and homeschooling them a lot.

Now, some will say that I'm a bad mom for getting my kid trained on gun usage and safety.

Glock - MiritGuess what? My girls are the most ethical girls you'll ever meet, not to mention kindhearted. Both have a high IQ, common sense, are healthy and badass. No drug usage, violence or any trouble around me.

My apologies in advance if my strong nature and values stand in the way of any false data you may have consumed from the fake media.

I believe in the 2nd Amendment (as well as the rest), the US Constitution and human rights for all.

I was born on 🇺🇸July 4th, 1976 🇺🇸and Kiki was born on 🇺🇸July 4th, 2006 🇺🇸and we are as PATRIOTIC as they get.