Reparations Killed Brother-In-Law

Native American - MiritMy ex-husband has a brother, Christopher, who was 1/2 American Indian. He lived on a reservation and received approximately $25,000/month for doing nothing.

This was almost 20 years ago.

What does $25,000 a month buy you?

A heroine addiction, a transvestite lifestyle, utter misery and in 2005, death.

Reparations equal death.

Man's greatest wins in life are the things that he was able to accomplish, create and produce. Happiness comes from hard work and a fair exchange.

I'm very sorry for the Indians who had their America taken over (not to mention other horrific atrocities). I am very sorry for Africans, and other ethnicities, who have been been slaves or lived in indentured servitude. I am very sorry for my Jewish family that died in World War II at the hands of Hitler and the Nazis.

Most of all, I am very sorry for every human being that received reparations for their ancestors misfortunes - to the demise of their own life.