Something On My Mind

Right and Wrong - MiritCan I be honest without hurting anyone's feelings? If the answer is no, please don't read this. You can read something else. 🙉

I don't want to be hit on. I'm not just saying that. Can we be FB friends without the weird stuff? Sorry if it sounds mean. 🤷🏻‍♀️

There isn't one post on my social media that implies or directly states that I'm looking to date someone. I post about politics, art, motorcycles, funny memes, human rights, religious tolerance, animals, my kids and in general, topics that I like. 🖼🏍🐹🌎

I'm going to say another thing, which is controversial but I really want to communicate it. I get hit on (a lot) on FB messenger and in the real world by men that are in their 20s or men in their 60s. Nooooo. Noooo and noooo. I'm turning 44 on July 4th. My oldest daughter is 18. I have dated older and younger. My ex husband is 13 years older and more recently, the love of my life from 3 years ago (that only my friends know about) is 10 years younger than me. ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Still, I am not interested in someone that can be my son or someone that can be my dad. And this is of no offense to my friends that are in relationships with a way older or way younger spouse. 💍 If I met someone who was a big age difference and decided to date them, great, but I don't want that flow from a man I don't really know on FB. Put yourself in my position. When I think younger, I think of my children's age group and when I think older, I think of a dad because that's the age group of my dad.

Honesty - Best Policy -MiritI really, from the bottom of my ❤️, don't want to upset anyone or make men feel bad because you guys are amazing (especially the cowboys) and it takes a lot of courage to hit on someone. I'm simply suggesting that you hit on women that are looking to be hit and that you pay attention to what you're messaging women.

I never mind a man complimenting me on a picture or story I post. I'll respond with a red heart and I have no attention on that. But some flows feel perverted and aware people perceive other people's intentions. 🔮💬

I have married male friends that message me and would NEVER hit on me (or anyone) and I love them for that. They have more of a business relationship with me. I would NEVER just hang-out with a married man. Hell no. I 💕 women too much to create a bad effect on their marriage or cause them jealousy. No thanks. I also have single male friends that flow me affinity but don't hit on me either. And I love them. I have one particular single male friend that is such a good friend to me and has helped me so much and is just awesome. Total mutual respect.

I have a few good friends that know a lot about my life and the specific reasons that I'm not dating at the moment and haven't since last year. I have my own logistics about the near future, which I won't go into and they're my own valid reasons. I would prefer to stay single at the moment while I'm working on some major stuff. All good stuff but certain complexities are personal and as public as I am, I'm not interested in communicating about certain subjects. 📆📖📈

I ❤️ men. I admire men. I love relationships. I love younger men and older men, alike. I appreciate compliments (very much) and want men to know that they are amazing and the reason women act strangely. You guys are awesome but if you want to know the truth, I really don't want to be hit on, on FaceBook messenger and there might be other women that may feel the same way.

With love,