Current State of Affairs

Trump Signs Social Media EOA word from me about the state of affairs on this planet:

πŸ‘‰πŸ»You may think that the social media platforms aren't censoring anymore since Trump revoked Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act but these are godless dictators.

❌🧠These guys don't care. They became who they are due to the Deep State's support and funding (not to mention that our support of their platforms made them the giants that they are).

All of these liberal CEO-run platforms (FB, You Tube, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, What's App), have greatly funded the Hillary/Obama campaign and currently control the biggest communication outlets of this 🌎.

They are either 100% criminal (the CEOs) or pedophiles that the Deep State has blackmail on and are hypnotized puppets of these globalist bankers.

BLM is just a Soros puppet show. He's a Hungarian Jew that took property from Jews during WWII (he was 14 at that time), posing as a Christian and watching Jews burn in concentration camps with no remorse. He hates Jews, he hates blacks and he hates mankind. That is why he and Billy Boy have this PLANDEMIC and a mass vaccine push. They are globalists that want to eradicate all of us.

deep_stateThe Black Propaganda against Trump ain't personal. He's just a HUGE being with a life purpose to save America and he broke the system. He's a total glitch in their MATRIX and they will resort to ANYTHING at this stage to salvage their Federal Reserve life with the Rothchilds and the Rockefeller families.

It's pretty simple. Hollywood is a victim to these evil beings that work with some intelligence agencies (let's leave out their name) to corrupt Hollywood with Pedophilia, Satanism and the unbelievable torture of innocent children whole cloth.

Your chances of being famous are close to nothing because THEY control the narrative of the news (CNN), the movies and the music industry. A few broke their matrix but most have failed or got killed or "hung in jail" for threatening to expose their definitely not little secrets.

I have never been apolitical as a full-time volunteer that never wanted to take sides and loves everyone but enough is enough and the social veneer of this planet is finally exposed. The unfortunate thing is that we never realized how bad it was and how correct "conspiracy theories" - a term coined by the CIA in 1967 (CIA Document 1035-960) - were and are.

I ❀️you. I ❀️all people.

I'm a Jew who grew-up in Nigeria Africa and I don't support Soros or BLM because it's a violent propaganda to ruin black lives and eradicate churches and religions from this planet.

Stay aware,