We are Birds of a Feather

Birds of a feather flock together means people of similar interests, background, ideas or characteristics will often congregate or hang out with each other, people who have similar ideas or values tend to stick together.

I changed it a bit as you can see in the finished painting on the right.

Birds of a Feather - Art by Mirit

There are 3 significances or meanings in my painting.

The entire background is colorful feathers because we are a melting pot of different types. The sky is the window that sticks out of the painting because we always have a window to freedom and to be able to fly away somewhere else. Lastly, birds symbolize freedom but in this painting they symbolize slavery and sadness because they are apart and stuck in the feathers, so they also don't see that there's a sky above them.

This social distancing propaganda is the most ridiculous and depressing propaganda that I've come across ever.

The vested interests behind this "social distancing" campaign desperately need some hugs and so do all of us. Suicide is at an all-time high now. Stay away from others when you're sick but stay close to your fellow human beings when you're well.

As far as us human beings are concerned, we require affinity with mankind and this "virus" was blown out of proportion to suit the agendas of a few. Staying segregated from fellow human beings and not being able to shake hands and hug is a crime against humanity and will NEVER be the "new normal." #woke

ML, Mirit