We Were Created To Create

Creating Art - MiritThink about this for a minute: We were created to create.

Nearly everything we do during our entire life involves creating something. Anything that is made is a creation, in some form or another.

The definition of 'create' is simply this: to bring something into existence, to make or produce something.

Those who have chosen to apply their creative abilities in the world of fine art are generally considered to conceive something that is aesthetic. In other words, it was brought into being for its beauty, interestingness, meaningfulness, and so much more.

The field of the fine arts includes, minimally: painting, sculpture, drawing, watercolor, and graphics.

Since I first picked up a paint brush nearly one year ago, at age 42, and started painting I have noticed how easy it is for artists to doubt themselves.

Art Brushes PaintI have seen friends post their artistic creations for sale on Social Media and elsewhere and they stop promoting their work when it doesn't sell within a predetermined timeframe or even when someone who fancies themselves an “art critic” spews their negative judgment upon the person's effort.

Truth be told, in many cases, these critics are not able to create any form of art on their own.

The best advice I can offer are these two simple guidelines: Keep creating and believing in yourself. Don't stop posting or promoting.

The more you create, the better you get and you were already magic to begin with when you chose to be an artist!

Love, Mirit