Why Men Should Pay for Dinner

Dinner setting Rose - MiritListen, I don't need anyone to pay for my dinner. I argue this point simply to make men understand a simple fact. It's not about the dinner and it's not about money.

No matter how "modern" women are today - even if they are more accomplished and have more money than you - they expect you to pay for their dinner.

Why is that?

Because we want a free dinner? Nope.

We spent hundreds of dollars to go out with you that night. We got our nails done ($50), hair ($100), makeup ($20), new outfit ($50), etc. Now don't be anal. Some women spend much less and some spend much more. Who cares.

That's not my point, so stay with me.

The bottom line is that we agreed to go out with you because we were hoping that you were a man. Call it old-fashioned but, to me, there is no other kind of man.

Women are supposed to be kept together (physically), intelligent, graceful, caring and a million other things.

Men are supposed to be gentlemen, providers (even if she works, which she probably does), chivalrous, etc.

You may not like that. You may not want to pay for dinner. That's your choice but don't expect a women in return. Expect to spend money on countless dates looking for the right one, when it was you not being the right one at the end.